Conference Programme

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Invited Presentations:

Hubertus von Bergmann -PAR Systems - ZA,
"High pressure CO2 amplifiers for short pulse amplification"
Valentin Craciun - INFLPR - RO
"Pulsed laser deposition of transitional metals carbide, nitride and carbo-nitride hard coatings: chemistry, structure and mechanical properties"
Razvan Dabu - Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP) - RO
"Architecture of high power femtosecond lasers"
Ioan Dancus -ELI-NP - RO, INFLPR - RO
"CETAL 1PW laser system status and laser developments roadmap for ELI-NP"
Maria Dinescu - INFLPR - RO
"Laser material printing for sensors applications"
Mihail Dumitrescu - ORC, Tampere University of Technology - FI
"Semiconductor laser diodes with laterally-coupled ridge-waveguide surface gratings "
Mihai Ganciu - INFLPR - RO
"Prospects of Space Radiation Environment Simulation by Using High Power Laser Infrastructures"
Paul Harten - Managing Director LILAS GmbH and LIMO GmbH - DE
"Novel laser technologies for smooth and uniform metal surface treatment"
Jörg Hermann -Aix-Marseille Université - FR
"Modelling of plasma emission spectra for quantitative elemental analysis via laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy"
Mhai L Pascu - INFLPR - RO
"The use of nonantibiotics modified by exposure to laser radiation to fight multiple drug resistance"
Adrian Petris - INFLPR - RO
"Light Guiding Light in Lithium Niobate"
Mauro Pereira (OSA Invited Lecturer)-Sheffield Hallam University - UK
"Microscopic Theory of Semiconductor Lasers and Applications to THz and Mid Infrared (TERA-MIR) Spectroscopy"
Aurelian Popescu - National Institute for Optoelectonics (INOE) - RO
"Turning Laser Diodes into Tunable Light Sources for High Resolving Power Spectroscopy"
Dragos Seuleanu and Ioan Ursu - Magurele High-Tech Cluster (MHTC)
"Scientific Research - Innovation - Clusters: The new highway for reindustrialization of the EU"
Axel Wehling - Coherent Inc. - DE
"Emerging Laser Design for demanding Ultrafast Applications"
Marian Zamfirescu - INFLPR - RO
"Dynamics of laser irradiated surfaces at picoseconds time scale"